New Jet Propulsion Centre opens in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Airlines has launched the region’s state-of-the-art Jet Propulsion Centre (JPC).

Image: Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saleh Al-Jasser, the Minister of Transport and Logistic Services and Chairman of Saudi Arabian Airlines inaugurated the new JPC in Saudia Technic’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Village.

This centre encompasses specialised facilities that maintain aircraft engines and their components. He also attended a commemoration of aircraft maintenance technicians graduation after their intensive training programme.

Al-Jasser said: “The establishment of the JPC is a significant step in our initiatives to promote knowledge transfer, expand localisation efforts, and enhance local content within the transportation and logistics sector. It is important to invest in Saudi talent which is a key pillar under the National Transport and Logistics Strategy and the National Aviation Strategy. This centre, within the MRO Village, will bolster its maintenance capacity by implementing cutting-edge techniques while optimising energy consumption. These measures are in alignment with the notable advancements and progress observed in the Kingdom's aviation and air transport sector.”

Ibrahim Al-Omar said: “Saudia Group is committed to enhancing the localization of the aviation industry by increasing local content and fostering its development. Saudia Technic has earned the trust of global aircraft manufacturers for diverse aircraft maintenance tasks. The JPC possesses significant capabilities that enhance the company's regional standing in the aviation sector. Furthermore, the expansion of the centre's capacity seamlessly aligns with our efforts to grow the pool of qualified national talents capable of overseeing the centre's specialised technical operations in accordance with the highest global standards”.

The centre covers an area of 12,230 square meters and features a significant facility, the Test Cell Centre, which is recognised as one of the world's largest centres for engine testing. This centre can withstand engine thrusts of up to 150,000 pounds and is equipped with cutting-edge technology to test the most prominent current engines, such as the Boeing 777's GE90-115B engine. It also conducts tests on engine functionalities and verifies their operational indicators before their installation on aircraft. The JPC is expected to be fully operational in the second quarter of 2024.