Etihad Engineering lined up for first IAMA audit

Etihad Engineering is expected to undergo its first audit by late March.


Image: Etihad Engineering

This confirms its compliance with the international standards of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) aircraft modifications, as defined by the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance (IAMA). 

The Abu Dhabi-based MRO provider is a founding member of IAMA.

The news comes as IAMA announces the successful completion of the first such audit at fellow member Eclipse Technics in Paris, which the alliance described as “a significant milestone for the alliance and the aircraft retrofit market”.

Since Day 1, IAMA's primary goal has been to assure that independent aircraft retrofit members modifying aircraft through STC projects sustain a first-rate standard. Its rulebook, first released in March 2020, defines a high-quality standard and is “an indispensable resource” for aircraft modifiers, airlines and lessors.

“Together with the IAMA Rulebook, the audit process will help certify credible and remarkable STCs for airlines and the aviation industry at large,” IAMA said in a release.

Eclipse Technics, also a founding member of IAMA, became the first to be audited by IAMA’s independent partner, Quali-audit. Passing the audit allows to use an IAMA endorsement label on its modifications.

“Eclipse Technics is the first of many more members to be audited and helps the alliance bring the aircraft retrofit market to a higher level,” IAMA said.

Gradually advancing the auditing programme for all of IAMA’s full and basic members is expected to bolster the alliance’s well-defined STC standards. IAMA said: “The audit helps assess a member's compliance with the IAMA Rulebook Standard and their ability to operate in a controlled and stable manner throughout their STC project lifecycle.

“The approach is designed to protect the integrity of the IAMA endorsement and develop consistency across alliance modifier members. The alliance is convinced that IAMA endorsed Supplemental Type Certificates will provide additional significance to the aviation market.”

Chuck Grieve

Chuck Grieve

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