Gulf Air supports air transport of medical supplies to India

Gulf Air is to support a cargo airlift of urgent medical supplies and relief items to the Republic of India to assist in their fight to control the COVID-19 situation in the country.


Image: Gulf Air

The airline will offer cargo capacity on a space-available basis on all flights to India helping local non-governmental organisations deliver relief supplies rapidly to where it is needed by contacting the Embassy of India in Bahrain.


Captain Waleed AlAlawi, Gulf Air’s acting chief executive officer said: “We have operating direct flights between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of India since 1960 and its network of cities have always been key to our global network. We resumed our flights to India in September 2020 to restart the traffic flow between Bahrain and India and have maintained our passenger operations to date. We remain dedicated to support cities with vital supplies to help them through this difficult time. Gulf Air proudly supports the Kingdom of Bahrain in its humanitarian efforts and stands ready to assist non-governmental organizations that have urgent medical supplies for COVID-19 relief to transport these supplies to India"


Piyush Srivastava, Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Bahrain said: “We deeply appreciate the solidarity and support from the Kingdom of Bahrain. As we battle this global pandemic together and work closely to overcome its challenges, we thank Gulf Air for this kind gesture and for continuing to support India.”