Kuwait Airways launches new on-board menus

Kuwait Airways has launched its new food menus, which will be introduced shortly on-board.

Kuwait Airways held a presentation of these new menus, in the presence of various specialised chefs, culinary experts and international hotel officials.

The director of customer services department at Kuwait Airways, Meshal Al-Mutairi said: “Kuwait Airways’ launch of new menus, arises from within the framework of the Company’s keenness to provide various, diverse services to its valued customers, which is in accordance with its strategic plans towards developing and improving procedures and systems, so as to meet the requirements and preferences of our dear customers, as well as to achieve the desired objectives that will enable the Blue Bird to reach wider horizons.”

Al-Mutairi added: “Inviting chefs and hotel officials is a new and unique experience, as it evaluates the general preferences and aspects of the food offered to passengers included in the new menus and also provides us with the opportunity to re-introduce distinguished new products, as well as delicious food and beverages, that suit the tastes and enhances the experiences of the passengers and meets their preferences, as they enjoy a comfortable and pleasant journey on board the National Carrier’s state-of-the-art fleet of aircraft.”

Al-Mutairi added: “Kuwait Airways bestows enormous attention to every detail in the service of customers and spares no effort to provide innovative and unique facilities, as well as to attain the highest levels of service excellence for passengers, from their check-in at Terminal 4, completing their travel procedures with ease and enjoying the best services on board, which are provided by our cadres with extensive experience in the field of aviation and hospitality.”