flynas launches Stopover Visa

flynas has said that its passengers can apply for an electronic Stopover Visa through its website.

Image: flynas

The "Stopover Visa" is issued after purchasing the airline ticket, and the validity of the visa extends to three months and the stay in the Kingdom up to four days.

The visa application will be passed automatically to the unified national visa platform at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to process and issue the digital visa immediately and send it to the beneficiary via e-mail.

Expecting that the new service will contribute to increasing the visitors to the Kingdom, including Umrah and Pilgrim visitors, tourists, and businessmen.


Bandar Almohanna, CEO and managing director of flynas, said: “The Saudi Vision 2030 has laid the foundations for cooperation among the regulatory and executive sectors on one hand, and with the private sector on the other hand, to serve the Kingdom’s goals in all sectors. Today, we see a practical application of this integration and cooperation by enabling the national carriers to facilitate a request for issuing a Stopover visa, which facilitates procedures of obtaining a Stopover visa for whoever wishes to visit the Kingdom.”