WDS: The power and glory of flight

The air display at WDS 2024 is the highlight of the show as the region’s leading manufacturers show off their best moves.

The air display at WDS 2024 is the highlight of the show. Image: Billy Pix

The air shows at WDS undoubtedly rank as some of the most spectacular in the region with impressive displays from several of the world’s leading air force teams and a plethora of fast-jet fighters.

The air display retains its significance as a powerful demonstration of an aircraft’s performance credentials, and is especially relevant in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s largest buyer of the latest international military aircraft.

The lead-off display team is the seven-strong RSAF Saudi Hawks, flying BAE Hawk Mk. 65A trainers and colouring the skies above the showground in the national colours of green and white, with a red counterpoint.

Equally striking is the Turkish Stars aerobatic team from the Turkish air force, flying their Northrop F-5As resplendent in red and white livery.

The Turkish Stars team and The People’s Liberation Army Air Force August 1st aerobatic team, flying six Chengdu J-10s, both made their debut at WDS.

Another aircraft making its debut at WDS is Pakistan’s JF-17C.