WDS: Orpheus engine showcases Rolls-Royce capabilities

Rolls-Royce is at the show with its demo Orpheus engine which it said highlights the company’s ability to work at speed for the small engine family.

Alex Zino, director future projects Rolls-Royce Defence with the demo Orpheus Engine. (Photo: Billypix)

Orpheus will provide pioneering capability solutions for a broad range of future defence markets.

“In just two years, we have developed two different small engine designs,” said Alex Zino, director future projects, Rolls-Royce Defence.

“The two experimental engines have been designed, manufactured and successfully tested, demonstrating the capability required to deliver a new family of scalable and configurable small engines within these unprecedented timeframes. These assets will be instrumental in informing critical technology developments for our partners, enabling rapid de-risking of new and novel technologies to enhance their military capability.”