WDS: Boeing T-7 simulator offers fast-jet experience

Boeing was selected by the US Air Force in 2018 to manufacture 351 T-7 advanced jet trainer.

Ray Handy, senior manager, T-7 business development at Boeing.
Image: BillyPix

Ray Handy, senior manager, T-7 business development, said five examples have now been built and “are now entering their flight test phase.” Boeing expects to deliver the first aircraft to the USAF in 2026.

“The air force recognised the T-38 was coming out of service and they needed to find a new aircraft that can actually train to fit future generation aircraft. You have to train before you can fight – and the T-7 can do that,” said Handy.

Under the programme, up to 46 simulators will be produced and delivered to the USAF at five training bases.

The simulator allows embedded training that matches the actual aircraft.

Handy said: “It has one-push software where the software is concurrent with the aircraft and simulator.

“The instructor sits at the back and can see what the student is doing at the front and can control challenges while the student is unaware, such as ‘bandits’ coming up, and seeing how the trainee copes.”