Space technology and capability key topic at WDS

Space technology and capability will be a vital topic for international discussion, and a dedicated section of World Defense Show 2024 (WDS).


The domain of space takes centre stage at World Defense Show 2024, with the introduction of the dedicated Defense Space Arena, highlighting the vital role that space technology will play in shaping the future of national defense strategy globally.

The Defense Space Arena, incorporating the Defense Space Domain and the Space Theatre, is a hub where countries can work together, sharing expertise, experience, and ideas. Leading space companies from all over the world will come together to showcase their latest technologies and collaborate on projects.

Andrew Pearcey, CEO World Defense Show, said: “We are very excited about the possibilities presented by the Defense Space Arena, which go far beyond the five days of our event.”

Representatives from various international private and public sector entities involved in the evolution of space technology will be actively participating in the Space Theatre discussions and presentations.

Pearcey added: “The Defense Space Arena is more than just showcasing the latest technology and innovation in the domain. It facilitates high-level communications between countries and is a hub for discussions and development. It also showcases the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's plans for the future and creates opportunities for them and other countries to work together to use space's potential to make our nations safer and more successful.”

The Space Theatre will run throughout the visitor open days of the event (5-8 February) and will feature global leaders and influencers from industry, military, and academia discussing the challenges and potential of space from the point of view of governance, technological development, interoperability, inclusivity, future talent, and cross-disciplinary collaboration, among others.

The Defense Space Domain, sponsored by the Ministry of Defense, will be open throughout the show, offering an engaging and interactive introduction to space defense development. The vast potential of space capabilities, technologies, and solutions will be highlighted on video screens, with exciting digital content from major industry players including BAE Systems, Boeing Space, Leo Labs, and Lockheed Martin. Physical and digital space assets from both industry and institutions will also be on display, demonstrating the evolution of the technology. Visitors can also enjoy a walkthrough of a Space Station simulation, where digital screens provide information on the role and importance of the space domain.

Pearcey added: “At the WDS Defense Space Arena, the world witnesses the culmination of international collaboration as leading space entities converge, exchange knowledge, and foster partnerships. This unique platform showcases cutting-edge space capabilities and technologies, offering a glimpse into the forefront of space advancements.

Entry to the Defense Space Arena, Space Theatre, and Defense Space Domain is part of the general entry ticket. Places for the event in February in Riyadh are now limited but still available.