Qatar Airways showcases generative AI and innovations during Web Summit

Qatar Airways Group has helped open the technology conference Web Summit with a special viewing of the airline’s latest travel technology products.

Image: Qatar Airways Group

These included an exclusive reveal of a prompt less Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) experience designed to seamlessly help customers find their dream journeys across Qatar Airways' extensive network of 170 destinations.

Qatar Airways chief commercial officer, Thierry Antinori, said: “Qatar Airways is helping push the boundaries of what to expect from the travel experience of the future. When it comes to digital innovation, our approach is to always focus on the ways in which we can gain advantages for our passengers and employees along with operational efficiencies by using technology.”

He added: “The airline and its subsidiaries are constantly evolving, working hand-in-hand with partners, stakeholders and regulators to utilise the latest advances in aviation and travel technology. It is an exciting time for the airline’s innovative and ideating workforce, and we are working to foster a culture of creativity and innovation. These pioneering technologies that we are showcasing blur the boundaries between the physical and the virtual, offering a tantalising peek into a new era of travel.”

Attendees exploring the Qatar Airways exhibit, the official sponsor of the Web Summit, which is being held for the first time in Qatar, were treated to a preview of the future of travel through the airline's latest innovations on display.

The new Generative AI experience is designed to make travel planning hassle-free and personalised. By using frictionless visual interactions and an interactive 3D map, customers' travel preferences are understood, eliminating the need for manual searches and detailed text inputs. This development is part of Qatar Airways' ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of travel, enhancing passenger comfort and convenience at every stage of their journey.