ICAO Assembly urged to adopt net-zero climate goal for aviation

Representatives of the world’s governments meeting in Montreal are being urged to adopt a long-term climate goal of net-zero carbon by 2050 for the aviation sector.

Image: ICAO

Over 150 countries are expected at the 41st International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly where one of the most important topics of discussion will be climate change.

Executive Director of the Air Transport Action Group, Haldane Dodd says the climate emergency needs action from all actors: “last October, the aviation industry set net-zero carbon by 2050 as a challenging, but achievable, goal for aviation. This cannot rely on industry action alone – we will need support from the energy sector and governments to make net-zero aviation a reality.

“Governments meeting at the ICAO Assembly over the next two weeks are urged to take a visionary approach to the climate challenge and adopt the recommendations of the ICAO Council for a long-term climate goal for the sector. There are a number of short-term issues being faced by us all, be they the rebound from Covid-19, geopolitical pressures or economic concerns. But the existential challenge of climate change needs global and decades-long thinking if we are to avoid the worst effects.” 

The industry says it is important that governments adopt a long-term climate goal at this year’s Assembly. Such a globally-aligned policy environment will bring stability of direction and certainty to catalyse the needed investments in new fuels and decarbonisation technologies.