Emirates SkyCargo wraps up a ‘momentous 2021’

Emirates SkyCargo said it successfully navigated the complex landscape of the global logistics and supply chain industry in 2021 by focusing on its signature strengths.

Nabil Sultan, Emirates divisional senior vice president, cargo, said: "This has been without question one of the most challenging years for our industry as the pandemic continues to create difficulties across the entire supply chain and across all modes of transportation. However, Emirates SkyCargo has been a first mover in ensuring that trade lanes remain open by reinstating flights and providing additional capacity on key trade routes across six continents. We remain committed to offering the highest levels of service to our customers with safety at the centre of everything we do.”

He added: Emirates SkyCargo focused on its signature strengths and values- agility and responsiveness, customer focus, innovation, fleet and network capabilities to get through2021.  It notched up numerous milestones throughout the year, reinforcing its leadership position in the global airfreight industry.”