Emirates Group receives 600 applications at National Service Career Fair

The Emirates Group participated at National Service Career Fair in Abu Dhabi this week and received more than 600 applications,

The Emirates Group participated at National Service Career Fair in Abu Dhabi this week. Image: Emirates Group

The Group’s participation in the sixth edition of the National Service Career Fair is part of its rigorous campaign to attract competent Emirati talent that will support its business acceleration and projected expansion. More than 200 graduates visited the Emirates Group’s interactive stand on the first day alone to browse through the offered opportunities including the National Cadet Pilot Programme, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License programme (AMEL) and Customer Service roles.

Cadet Pilot Programme joiners will receive the unique opportunity to train at the Emirates Flight Training Academy’s state-of-the-art facility for four years, before qualifying to fly for the largest international airline, Emirates. High school graduates who have enrolled in AMEL will undergo theoretical and practical training at the Emirates Engineering Training College to receive their higher diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering attested by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) upon completion of the programme. The new Customer Service professionals will also receive 12 months of on-job and classroom trainings upon joining, to help ease them into their roles amid accelerated global operations.

The Emirates Group’s unwavering commitment to integrating Emirati capabilities is reflected in its robust Emiratisation strategy, where a team of specialists and professionals attract and recruit UAE Nationals across diverse business areas and functions, while also providing the roadblocks for their career progression through bespoke trainings and various development programmes.

Over 3,000 Emiratis are currently employed in a variety of roles across the Emirates Group including pilots, engineers, IT professionals, data analysts and commercial managers. The Group is also working towards generating more unique roles for UAE Nationals in emerging fields such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to help further the UAE’s ambitions for science, technology and innovation. With more than 30% of Emiratis across the Group in leadership roles, there are no efforts spared in creating a pipeline of aviation professionals who are equipped with adept skills and valuable expertise to take forward the UAE leadership’s vision and contribute to its aviation sector and economic growth, further reinforcing Dubai’s position as a world-class air transportation hub for trade and tourism.