Emirates Group offers 500 jobs for UAE Nationals

The Emirates Group returns to the UAE Career Fair, held from 20 September to 22 September at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Emirates Group attends UAE Career Fair. Image: Emirates Group

Under the theme "the Future of Work", this year’s Careers UAE will open prolific discussions about the ever-changing work environment and the challenges of a post-pandemic marketplace. The Emirates Group has been actively seeking Emiratis to fill an array of positions across various departments in line with strong business recovery post-pandemic, and is currently offering 500 jobs for UAE Nationals that range from entry-level to graduate roles.  

Emirati High School Graduates have the opportunity to apply in the following:

  • National Cadet Pilot Programme
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License Programme
  • National Scholarship Programmes
  • National Cabin Crew Programme
  • Customer Service Professionals

 Emirati University Graduates have the opportunity to apply in the following:

  • National Graduate Programme
  • Technology (IT) Graduate Programme
  • Senior Software Engineer

The Emirates Group also offers an internship programme that gives recent graduates the opportunity to gain direct practical experience across a spectrum of departments within the Group.

New joiners will receive on-job training and classroom training that enable them to fully integrate into their new roles and become effective contributors to the organisation and the aviation industry as a whole. Newly-joined Customer Service Professionals will undergo 12 months of extensive training that involves sharpening both their soft and technical skills. National Cabin Crew Programme candidates will undergo a 7-week Ab-initio training course before qualifying as an Emirates cabin crew that represent the UAE National workforce on board the largest international airline.