Dubai Airshow 2023: Blade testing for MI-type helicopter successful

Paramount and its strategic partner AAL Group have completed the initial testing stage of the composite helicopter blades for Mi-type helicopters.

Image: Paramount

The composite blades, with technical characteristics surpassing those of legacy metal blades, offer new benefits for operators. They allow for the replacement of individual damaged blades, rather than the entire set, ensuring cost-efficiency and minimal downtime. In case of any damage, a damaged blade or set can be swiftly repaired on-site, ensuring a shorter turnaround time. 

“The integration of our advanced composite blades on AAL’s Mi helicopter is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to providing innovative solutions in the aerospace industry,” said Steve Griessel, Paramount Global CEO. “These blades represent a significant leap forward in terms of performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness.”