Aviation INDIA 2024 kicks-off in Delhi

Leaders from across the aviation sector are gathering in New Delhi for the inaugural Aviation India Summit and Exhibition, taking place June 12-13.

Conference Chair, Alan Peaford MBE, said: “With a commercial aviation history going back some 113 years, India is hardly an emerging market, I would argue it is re-emerging."

The event was formally opened by Dr Vandana Aggarwal, former senior economic advisor, ministry of civil aviation for the Indian Government.

Conference Chair, Alan Peaford MBE, gave his opening speech by saying: “With a commercial aviation history going back some 113 years, India is hardly an emerging market, I would argue it is re-emerging.

"No wonder too, as many of the ingredients are right to stimulate a growth for the air transport and the aviation support business. The growth is attributed to increased per capita income levels; increase in urban migration numbers and a shift of customers from other modes of transport. Increased spend on consumables has seen eCommerce boom that feeds down to the air freight sector."

He added: "Indians will quite rightly point to the achievement of moving to a third place spot for domestic connectivity behind the United States and China. However, there are significant issues facing the business in this renaissance.  Is MRO up to scratch? Is the government creating the right environment to support this industry or are government charges and taxation restricting growth?

“There are some world class airports here, or in the pipeline, but away from the main metropolitan first-tier cities are there sufficient landing and parking places for the business aircraft industry.

“And to get business jets, do we have the right MRO support, landing strips and freedom to support?  Are the country’s own HNWI’s able to base an aircraft here with ease?

"Airlines, GA, maintenance and other aviation services all face a similar challenge.  Retaining staff and training new ones

“Poaching is prevalent, not just from domestic competitors but from the nearby Gulf States as well. At the same time, we are facing pressures brought about by global warming both for the impact on operations and the future regulatory restrictions."

Peaford concluded: "These issues, and others, will be addressed here on the platform over the next two days.”

Already the inaugural event has attracted over 500 registered delegates.

Mark Brown, managing director of Times Aerospace Events, said of the conference: “This may be the first of the Aviation India events but it won’t be the last.”