Aviation Africa 2023 to take place in Abuja in September

Aviation Africa will travel to the International Convention Centre in Abuja, Nigeria on September 13-14, 2023.

Captain Musa, director general, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority. Image: Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority

The event will be hosted by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

The 2023 summit continues the work it has been doing for the past 6 events in building and shaping Africa's aviation industry. By touring the event around the African continent, it can better serve the African countries' different requirements for open skies and growth.

West Africa will be new for Aviation Africa, and Nigeria in particular, has to be one of the most exciting aviation opportunities in the world. With its population of almost 220 million, it is predicted to overtake the USA as the world’s third most populous country by 2050. This opens enormous possibilities for aviation. The country has had a checkered history when it comes to a national carrier. Now, with the government having determined aviation will be a key stream of its economic policy, a new national carrier is on its way with a 49% investment by Ethiopian Airlines. 

The country plans to see growth in MRO and training services and further development of airports around the country. This bodes well for a rise in the number of domestic and regional carriers throughout West Africa. Indeed, the whole of West Africa is looking at exponential growth over the next decade as the region tracks its rising GDP. With new start-ups and several governments backing new carriers and services, the positioning of Aviation Africa 2023 in the Nigerian capital is timely. 

Mark Brown from Aviation Africa said: "We really look forward to going to Abuja in 2023, it will be a great opportunity to highlight the opportunities for the aviation community in West Africa and we know already that many local and international companies are ready to join us."

Captain Musa, director general, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority added: "We are delighted to be hosting the 7th Aviation Africa event here in Abuja, we look forward to highlighting key growth opportunities and working with the international attendees to grow the aviation industry in Africa."