Turkey's Akinci demonstrates naval capabilities

Turkey’s combat UAV, the Akinci, has completed live trials and successfully conducted its first live firing at a sea target in its preparation to join the Turkish Navy

Akinci UCAV extends capabilities to sea target firing from 20,000 feet (Image: Baykar)

Developed by Baykar, the 12.2m long Akinci with its 20m wing span is capable of lifting a 1,500 kilo payload and operating up to 40,000 feet.

Turkish media reported the UAV engaged a sea target with MK-82 bomb fitted with a TEBER guidance kit which was dropped from 20,000 feet. The high altitude, long-endurance (HALE) UAV began ground tests in August 2019 with a Ukrainian Ivchenko-Progress AI-450C turboprop engine. It is planned to join the Turkish Navy.

The UAV is already in use with the Turkish military in counter terrorism activities. It is equipped with dual artificial intelligence avionics that supports real-time signal processing, sensor fusion, and situational awareness.