Paramount partners with AAL Group to market Mi-Type helicopter solutions

Paramount Aerospace Systems has entered a strategic partnership with AAL Group.

Paramount will market Mi-type helicopter solutions production of Mi main and tail rotor composite helicopter blades, from facilities within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In a joint statement, Paramount and the AAL Group announced that they will collaborate to service and upgrade fleets of helicopters across Africa, as well as the production of interchangeable composite rotary wing blades to meet the increasing demand from partner countries across the continent.

AAL Group Ltd. CEO, Olga Martyshchenko, said: “We strive to be the leader in the rotary-wing industry, placing our global customers’ needs at the core of our business. In realising our vision, we recognise that there is always more that can be done and that the demands of our customers are evolutionary. In Paramount, we have found a partner committed to EMEA defence industrialisation, with an acute understanding of the asymmetrical challenges faced by governments across Africa. We look forward to continued and shared growth on the heels of this landmark announcement.”