Kuwait opts for Turkish UAV after strong competition

Kuwait has upgraded its defence with the multi-role Bayraktar TB2 platform developed by Turkey’s Baykar. The contract is valued at $370 million. The number of units has not been revealed.

 The Bayraktar TB2  (Image: Baykar)

The Bayraktar TB2 (Image: Baykar)

The Gulf state had considered platforms from China, Europe and the USA before selecting the Turkish contender.

The TB2 serves both as an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform and can also carry four laser-guided munitions, specifically the Roketsan MAM-L and MAM-C, according to Baykar. It can operate out to ranges of 161nm (300km) and has an endurance of 27h. Its operational altitude is in the range of 18,000-25,000ft.

The UAV has been successful in Ukraine over the past year, and according to Baykar it has been battle proven with some 400,000h of operational flight.