Four die in Kenyan transporter crash

A Harbin Y-12-II transporter from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) crashed in the Tsavo East national game reserve in the east of the country yesterday. All four on board – two passengers and two crew – died in the accident.

The KDF is currently investigating the accident.
This is the second crash of a Kenyan Harbin Y-12-II in the past six months. The previous incident was at Dhobley Airstrip in Somalia, in August.
Yesterday’s crash site was close to Voi, The 19-seat Chinese -bulit aircraft was en route from Moi Air Base near Nairobi to Mombasa.
Kenya is one of a number of African air forces to use the Harbin aircraft. Others include Mali Eritrea, Ghana, and Djibouti,

A Harbin Y-12 of the KAF taken at the incident in Dhobley last year. (Image Scramble Magazine/Facebook)