Turkish Airlines announces its strategic plan for the next 10 years

Founded in 1933, Turkish Airlines has made significant contributions to the Turkey’s economy and employment.

Image: Turkish Airlines

And now the national carrier has shared its goals for its 100th anniversary and vision for 2023.

Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat said: “Being able to grow from our humble beginnings of 90 years ago into one of the world’s leading airlines is a great honour for us.

“Today, Turkish Airlines, a 90-year-old giant, is in our view a dynamic and young adult, actively continuing its development. Yes, our journey is still very long, and as our country's national airline, we consistently implement and set our short, middle and long-term goals on this adventure where we reach all four corners of the world.”

The airline has a number of goals including for its vision 2033, including:

  • Achieving consolidated revenue of over 50 billion USD by 2033,
  • Attaining an EBITDAR margin between 20% and 25% during 2023-2033,
  • Improving efficiency, maintaining cost discipline and creating new opportunities to generate additional revenues in order to sustain the airline’s strong financial performance,
  • Contributing 140 billion USD of added value to Türkiye’s economy by 2033,
  • Expanding the fleet to 435 aircraft by 2023 and to over 800 aircraft by 2033; expanding the passenger network to 400 destinations,
  • Doubling the passenger capacity in 2023 by 2033 with an annual average growth rate of 7%,
  • Servicing 170 million passengers by 2033 compared to over 85 million in 2023,
  • Reaching 150 thousand employees including its subsidiaries,
  • Doubling the transported cargo volume and positioning Turkish Cargo among the top three cargo carriers globally by 2033; leveraging the capabilities of its cargo hub, SmartIST, which is currently one of the largest air cargo terminals in the world,
  • Establishing the airline’s low-cost arm AnadoluJet as a separate subsidiary; repositioning its brand, restructuring its revenue and cost structures, and reaching a fleet size of 200 new generation aircraft to strengthen its competitive positioning,
  • Improving passenger experience and brand recognition 

Bolat said on the goals: “We are happy to share our goals that will significantly contribute to our country's economy and development in the next 10 years by declaring our strategic planning for our 100th anniversary, which we will celebrate 10 years from now.

He concluded:  “As a member of this beautiful institution, which is Türkiye’s most well-known global brand in the international community, we assure that we are walking confidently towards our goal of becoming the world's best airline company, and thus, we will continue to make our nation proud for many more long years. We wish our 2033 goals, which we announced, to be auspicious for all.”