Etihad appoints Rassure to automate its sales audit process.

Rassure, a revenue rescue service provider, has been selected by Etihad to support the airline in automating its sales audit process.

Image: Etihad Airways

This will allow Etihad to discover multiple times more revenue than legacy, semi-automated service providers.

The collaboration will assist Etihad in recovering revenues to high levels of accuracy and with short turnaround times, making a positive impact on cash flows. As a special feature, this “out of the box” tool also enables Etihad to rerun the audit at will, simulating various “What if” scenarios to inform strategic business decisions.

“Etihad is a trailblazing airline which looks forward to digitising its processes to improve efficiencies and strengthen its profitability,” said Vikram Joshi, Vice President and Head of Sales from Rassure.