Sanad teams with Thales for airports and security development

Mubadala subsidiary Sanad is to collaborate with Thales to extend industrial services for airport security, air traffic and avionics systems.

The MoU singing with Mansoor Janahi, Group CEO of Sanad and Bernard Roux, CEO of Thales in the UAE.


An MoU was signed between Mansoor Janahi, Group CEO of Sanad and Bernard Roux, CEO of Thales in the UAE.

This announcement follows the launch of Sanad’s new industrial services strategy, which focuses on expanding its business beyond the aerospace sector to drive the UAE’s sustainable industrial future by leveraging synergies with international partners.

In a statement the company said that knowledge exchange will be a key focus under the terms of the agreement, and Thales will serve as a partner in diversifying Sanad’s business portfolio towards industrial services in air traffic, airport security, and avionics systems.

“This partnership with Thales reinforces Abu Dhabi’s position as a trusted global hub for the industrial services, as it expands the range of services provided by the national aerospace sector to include airport security, air traffic management, and avionics services, which are witnessing a significant growth locally and globally,” Janahi said..

The plan includes some localization on projects..

“Our skies are undergoing a significant transformation. As we look to build a future that we can all trust, it is innovation and knowledge exchange that play a vital role in promoting sustainable growth and creating industries with a competitive advantage at a global stage. Sanad has taken significant strides in the aviation industry over the last three decades, and as trusted architects of the sector, we are delighted to be working with Sanad to shape the future of the industry,” Roux said.