MENA Aviation Real Estate to expand general aviation hangar at BIA

MENA Aviation Real Estate, a subsidiary of Bahrain-based MENA Aerospace Enterprises, is planning to expand its general aviation hangar at Bahrain International Airport.

Image: MENA Aviation Real Estate

The company’s current hangar, at 6,400m2, is a two-bay structure that can take aircraft up to Boeing 757 size. “During the past eight years that we’ve been in operation, we’ve noticed a shift in type of aircraft, with people moving to narrowbodies rather than widebodies,” said Dr Mohammed Juman, MENA Aerospace’s founder and MD.

The expansion will add 4,200m2 in a new building, to be operated by MENA Technics and will be combined with the launch of the Group’s full-service MRO facility by MENA Technics and Aviance Global. Unlike the current building, the new structure will be open-span, allowing more efficient use of its space.

The new building will increase the company’s ability to provide maintenance services for both commercial and private aircraft, as well as private jet parking.

“We’ve found there’s a huge demand for private jets and private jet maintenance,” said Juman.

There will also be a focus on narrowbody maintenance, for which “we’re seeing a huge demand globally”, said Juman. “There are no facilities available in the whole region.”  Additionally, it will be possible to service military aircraft “The military side is usually done by the armed forces. Third-party [MRO] for military aircraft is very rare.”