Bahrain Airport Company achieves second consecutive ISO recertification

Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) has achieved its second consecutive ISO recertification.

Image: Bahrain Airport Company

This is for Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

The recent attainment of the ISO recertifications serves as an assurance to stakeholders, including passengers, customers, airlines, and regulatory authorities, that BAC is committed to adopting and adhering to best practices in quality, health and safety, and the environment. By embracing ISO standards, Bahrain Airport Company demonstrates a proactive approach to continuous improvement and dedication to meeting the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, in addition to addressing all challenges, mitigating risks, and enhancing the overall performance in quality, health and safety, and environmental management systems.

BAC achieved ISO recertification, following a comprehensive evaluation process and extensive audit of its internal operations. This achievement underscores BAC's commitment to providing exceptional services that both meet passenger and customer expectations and comply with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

Chief executive officer of Bahrain Airport Company, Mohammed Yousif Al Binfalah, said: “We are pleased to have achieved our second consecutive ISO recertification, reaffirming BAC management’s dedication to align its policies and procedures with international best practices as well as assuring consistency in delivering its services and managing a healthy and safe workplace for all its stakeholders.”

He further added: “This ISO certification underscores our commitment to achieve excellence in quality, health and safety, and environmental standards, while reinforcing our position as a leader in the industry, placing Bahrain International Airport (BIA) on the global aviation map alongside the world’s leading airports.”