Al Shirawi and Titan Aviation team for sustainable airport trucks

The UAE’s Al Shirawi Enterprises and Titan Aviation have signed a strategic agreement to help the decarbonisation goals by airports across the Middle East.

Executives from Titan Aviation and Al Shirawi celebrate the agreement that will see greater zero emission vehicles for Middle Eastern airports. (Image: Titan Aviation)

Al Shirawi is well known as a trucks distributor across the region providing after sales service. Part of this support business has included aviation refuelling trucks.

Now the tie up with French aircraft refuelling truck manufacturer Titan will see the two businesses share a common vision to “lead airport decarbonisation thanks to zero emission vehicles and pioneering electric refuelling technologies in the UAE and beyond.”

Titan Aviation is at the forefront of electric refuelling technologies having started development four years ago, with units already in operation with international oil companies and into-plane operators.

The pair is set to offer zero emissions turnkey aircraft solutions in the region from hybridization of existing refuelling units, electric chassis swap and refurbishment to delivery of brand-new hybrid or full electric refuelers (including dispensers). Supporting sustainable airport operations.

“Zero emission refuelling is now a proven reality,” the company said.