UAE Space Agency and EDCC to foster collaboration in Aerospace and Defence

The UAE Space Agency and the Emirates Defense Companies Council (EDCC) have signed an MoU to collaborate on fostering business within the aerospace and defence sectors.

The MOU was signed by His Excellency Salem Butti Al Qubaisi, Director General of the UAE Space Agency and, Mona Ahmed Al Jaber, Chairwoman of EDCC.

His Excellency Salem Butti Al Qubaisi, Director General of the UAE Space Agency, said: “This MoU reflects our commitment to developing advanced industries in the UAE, by cooperating in enhancing our ability to innovate and compete globally. This enables us to support the national economy, and create new job opportunities and sustainable investments in these two leading sectors, to achieve excellence and provide advanced solutions that contribute to promoting the UAE as a leading hub for technology and innovation.”

Al Qubaisi added: “Through this MoU, we look forward to mutual achievements that exceed expectations and push the boundaries of innovation to new levels. This supports the vision and aspirations of the UAE’s leadership in achieving a comprehensive development renaissance over the next fifty years in all sectors, including aerospace and defence Industry.”

Mona Ahmed Al Jaber, Chairwoman of EDCC, said: "This MoU represents a significant step forward in fostering collaboration between the aerospace and defense sectors in the UAE."

“By collaborating with the UAE Space Agency, we can leverage the expertise and capabilities of both industries to create new business opportunities, drive innovation, and support the UAE's overall economic development," she added.

Under the MOU, the UAE Space Agency will work with the EDCC to identify industrial and business opportunities within the space sector that align with the capabilities and interests of EDCC members. This collaboration also seeks to enhance economic growth and diversification by tapping space-related opportunities for defense and adjacent industries.

The two parties will work together to promote education and skill development in defense and space-related technologies among local talents. This will promote innovation and enhance local capabilities in these critical sectors.

The MOU establishes a framework for the exchange of information and best practices between the defence and space sectors to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of both industries in areas such as procurement and technology development.

The parties will collaborate to support each other's participation in defence events, forums, and sponsorships. This will provide opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing the capabilities of local defence and space industry players.