Turkish Airlines and Vietnam Airlines bolster air cargo transportation

Vietnam Airlines and Turkish Airlines have signed an agreement to coordinate and boost air cargo transportation.

Image: Turkish Cargo/Turkish Airlines

The agreement between the two carriers will bring additional long-term benefits to air cargo customers and both airlines, they said.

Dang Ngoc Hoa, chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Airlines said: “The cooperation between Vietnam Airlines and Turkish Airlines was established on the basis of mutual benefit.

“Turkish Airlines will benefit from expanding the scale of its transportation network to previously limited areas such as Oceania and Northeast Asia through the advantages offered by Vietnam’s central geographical location as a transit point.

“Furthermore, by using freighters and connecting to Turkish Airlines’ global network of 345 destinations around the world, Vietnam Airlines will be able to significantly expand its scale.

“We hope this cooperation will facilitate Vietnam’s position and advancement towards becoming one of the leading logistics centres in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Turkish Airlines’ CEO Bilal Ekşi said: “Asia is one of our most important markets. Our efforts to increase our presence on this prominent continent continue unabated with our competent teams and R&D activities. In an era where global aviation is shifting from West to East, these efforts are even more meaningful.

“I hope the collaboration we have started with Vietnam Airlines, currently focused on our air cargo brand Turkish Cargo, but planned to be developed in different categories in the future, will be beneficial and fruitful for both countries and both flag carriers.”