Saudia’a brand value grows by 58% since 2021

Saudia’a brand value has grown by 58% since 2021 according to the Brand Finance Top 50 Airline brands annual report.

Image: Saudia

Over the past four years, the airline has climbed six places to secure the 33rd position within the brand value ranking table, making Saudia the sixth fastest growing airline brand in 2024 with a value of USD$797.4 million.

According to the report, which is a review of the best performing and most valuable airline brands worldwide, Saudia improved its brand strength rating from A to A+, and now ranks the third most valuable Middle Eastern airline brand.

Saudia has experienced several defining moments and milestones in building its brand over the past year. The airline has expanded its route network, connecting Saudi Arabia with key destinations worldwide. It has enhanced its guest experience through improved services and amenities. Additionally, Saudia underwent a rebranding that focuses on digital transformation.

This substantial advancement underscores Saudia's unwavering commitment to providing its guests with best-in-class services while promoting its position as an industry leader in the aviation field.

Khaled Tash, chief marketing officer, Saudia Group, said: “We are extremely proud of the innovative strategies we have implemented to enhance our brand value and guest experience. Our remarkable ascent in the global rankings is not just a milestone for Saudia but also a reaffirmation of our growing prominence on the international aviation stage. Saudia’s cooperation with international brands and partners such as Newcastle United and Formula E, to name a few, allowed us to elevate the brand’s presence and introduce it to a wider global audience.

“As we play a crucial role in the kingdom’s economic transformation and the realisation of Vision 2030, we remain committed to sustaining this growth trajectory and continuing to elevate Saudia as a symbol of hospitality and a benchmark for excellence in the industry," he added.