Saudia launches world’s first sanitising prayer beads

Saudia has launched the world’s first sanitising prayer beads in time for the holy month of Ramadan and Umrah season.

Image: Saudia

ProtecTasbih, created in collaboration with creative agency partners, are the first prayer beads that offer a dual function, seamlessly combining the spiritual practice of tasbih with the added benefit of hand sanitization. This innovative creation redefines the traditional prayer beads, reflecting a harmonious blend of cultural reverence and modern health consciousness.

The prayer beads use tea tree oil as a sanitising element as it is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and disrupts the cell membrane of the bacteria itself. Using a molding technique, the oil was integrated into a semi-solid compound to create a solid bead.

Essam Akhonbay, VP Marketing at Saudia says, "At Saudia, our commitment to the well-being of all our guests is paramount. We take pride in introducing a unique product that enhances the pilgrimage experience, allowing our guests to fully immerse themselves in their spiritual journey."