Saudia expands codeshare agreement with Aegean

Saudia has signed an agreement with Greek carrier Aegean to expand their codeshare.

Image: Saudia

The agreement, which will come into effect in May, adds numerous benefits for Saudia’s guests as well as Aegean passengers, including the expansion and growth of the flight network.

Additionally, it includes transit visa services, which can be issued through digital channels by Saudia in collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allowing guests from around the world to stopover for up to 96 hours.

The agreement will also enable guests of both airlines to reach new destinations. Through Aegean, guests can reach 47 countries at 156 destinations, such as Zagreb in Croatia and Tirana in Albania, as well as Santorini and Rhodes in Greece. Guests of Aegean will also benefit from access to domestic destinations in conjunction with the tourism movement witnessed in various regions of the Kingdom.