Riyadh Air and Ashi reveal collection during Haute Couture Week in Paris

Riyadh Air, in collaboration with the Saudi fashion designer Ashi, founder of Parisian couture house ASHI Studio, has unveiled its first-ever fashion collection during Haute Couture Week in Paris.

Riyadh Air and Ashi reveal collection during Haute Couture Week in Paris. Image: Riyadh Air

The airline showcased its new lifestyle collection for its frontline team members in the fashion capital of the world.

The exclusive fashion line is made up of dozens of male and female looks, of which 15 were revealed during the most prestigious fashion week of the year. The Riyadh Air concepts unveiled in Paris comprised of cashmere outerwear, dresses and trousers made of fine wools, custom leather footwear, amethyst earrings, and pillbox hats.

Ten womenswear looks were showcased on the Paris runway, each of which were complemented by accessories such as trademark shoes and hats. Five menswear looks were also unveiled during the first-of-its-kind Haute Couture Week showcase.

The fashion collection, to be worn by Riyadh Air cabin crew, pilots, concierges, and airport agents, can be changed seasonally, keeping the looks fresh all year round.

Ashi included Riyadh Air elements within the concepts, such as the iconic canopy twist found in the Riyadh Air brand, and incorporated them in the lines, shadows and the silhouettes of the new fashion line. The coats and jackets worn at the Paris launch also include the same modern lines as seen on the Riyadh Air logo.

Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas said: “This has been a landmark occasion for Riyadh Air, and it shows just how far we’ve come in a short space of time. For a start-up airline to be showcasing our new fashion collection during Haute Couture Week in Paris shows what an impact Riyadh Air is having globally. Working with Ashi on these designs has been a tremendous experience for all of us and we’re all very proud to be able to show off the creations and the full range early next year. We have no doubt that the fashion line will soon be recognisable to people all over the world, and that the designs will leave a lasting impression on our guests by the proud team members that wear them. When you get up close to the garments you can see the level of detail and intricacy that Ashi has included, which is in complete alignment of our values and attention to detail at Riyadh Air.”