Forecasting aviation’s future: IBA launches NetZero

IBA, an aviation market intelligence and consultancy company, has launched IBA NetZero.

IBA, an aviation market intelligence and consultancy company, has launched IBA NetZero – a revolutionary tool that enables the aviation industry to model risk by simulating and forecasting the cost of future emissions mitigation.  

IBA NetZero enables airlines, lessors and financial institutions to model the emissions impact of their future fleet plans, define their CO2 targets to 2050, build mitigation scenarios, and assess their cost implications.   

IBA NetZero is the latest development to IBA’s award-winning Carbon Emissions Calculator, which is the most advanced finance-focused carbon modelling tool available. It has set the benchmark for aviation carbon modelling and is used by airlines, lessors and financial institutions to measure and report their carbon emissions.

Commenting on the launch of IBA NetZero, IBA’s CEO, Ian Beaumont, said:

“IBA’s mission is to bring advanced analytics to the aviation market intelligence industry for the first time. The launch of our Carbon Emissions Calculator in early 2021 was our first step in measuring aviation emissions accurately and independently.  

"IBA NetZero takes the baseline functionality of the Carbon Emissions Calculator to the next level. The industry is awash with regional initiatives to tax fuel or emissions, promote supply limited and potentially expensive fuel alternatives, or develop innovative new power systems. IBA NetZero provides clarity in this fast moving and shifting landscape.

“For the aviation industry, this implies new risks to mitigate and new opportunities to exploit. IBA NetZero and our specialist ESG consulting services provide what the industry desperately needs, today.”

Mark Streeter, Managing Director, REIT, Airline/EETC, Aircraft Leasing, Rail, Parcel, Freight, Shipping, Transportation HG/HY Coverage, North America Credit Research, at J.P. Morgan, says: 

“IBA has developed not just an accurate industry-wide carbon emissions model, but also the key functionality and risk analytics that deliver for aviation finance.”  

Joe McGinely, Head of Investor Relations at AerCap, said: “We chose IBA's Carbon Emissions Calculator after a review of the market. It has been an invaluable source for our ESG Report for the Year 2021, which was published this week.” 

Yann Sonnallier, Global Head of Aviation Finance, Société Générale said: "Thanks to being an early adopter of IBA’s Carbon Emissions Calculator, ‘Société Générale is at the forefront of aviation ESG. The accuracy of the carbon calculations and modelling capability was instrumental in securing our first ever aircraft financing using a sustainability linked loan for European airlines. The independent and comprehensive modelling tool continues to prove vital in our work, and we are excited to see it grow and develop in line with our evolving needs in the future.”