DRC launches Air Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has launched Air Congo as a joint venture company with Ethiopian Airlines.

Air Congo will become the second carrier of the DRC after Congo Airways. Image: Congo Airways

Air Congo is the second national carrier for the DRC and its fleet will comprise of seven aircraft.

DRC Transport Minister Chérubin Okende said: “Back in the United Arab Emirates, I passed through Addis Ababa to give the President of the Republic’s strong message to our Ethiopian friends. We already have in the joint venture that we have envisaged, the name of the new company that we must create under the impetus of the President of the Republic, it will be Air Congo. And now, it is a question of doing everything to ensure that this project is carried out as soon as possible. We have no more time to waste. The Congolese people are waiting for concrete actions. The Congolese people want to be transported, to visit their neighbour by air.”

DRC will own 51% of the new airline, with Ethiopian Airlines holding 49%.