Tanzania appoints Indra for updated AIM system

The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) has contracted Indra to strengthen the safety and environmental sustainability of the country’s aviation sector.

Image: Indra

Indra says its new system will pave the path to a new, global ‘aviation intranet’. Image: Indra

The Spanish company will provide new AIM systems that will provide airlines and controllers with reliable, updated aeronautical data with which to plan and manage flights more efficiently.

As global air traffic has increased over the years, says Indra, the volume of aeronautical alerts and bulletins published on paper by bodies ranging from airports and meteorological services to air forces or navigation service providers, has increased to the point that it is practically impossible for a pilot to be able to consult them all.

This poses a safety risk and means that the prior planning of each flight is not as precise as it should be, forcing corrections to be made en route. This takes up both time and fuel.

To solve this, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is promoting a transition to digitised AIM systems that help the pilot access the necessary information much more quickly and easily.

Indra’s system not only facilitates this search, but also “controls the entire process from the moment the data is generated until it reaches the desired user", said Jon Goyarzu, general director of the Indra subsidiary specialising in this type of ATM system.

Indra has already put this technology into operation in the UK, Dubai, Vietnam and 10 other countries.

The system manages key data for flight safety and for planning air operations in a much more efficient way, says Indra, contributing to reduced emissions and costs.

Its implementation is essential for any navigation service provider to make the leap to the intranet that will globally connect all aviation, a system known as SWIM.

The implementation of the AIM system in Tanzania also paves the way for the TCAA to incorporate the forthcoming SWIM system, the global aeronautical intranet that will connect all parties involved in flight management.

This database provides a common access point or 'single point of truth' that “guarantees that all parties involved in the management of a flight share the same updated view of the situation,“  Goyarzu said.